Slow isn't necessarily a 4-letter word / by Joanne Jordan

While we may work at 20 miles per minute, we are constantly trying to find ways to slow it down

As big believers in the movement towards things like slow food, slow money, and slow education, we think everything is better slow. Except for getting back to journalists/clients; that shit needs to be fast. 

With slow PR, we are able to build relationships with journalists and fully understand what makes them tick. It is a known fact that journalists can inevitably sense half-assed effort and will unsubscribe as soon as a blanket email arrives in their inbox. 

We like to think of it this way. Expecting a good placement via a mass email is like expecting your teenage daughter to not to throw a party when you leave town for the weekend. It's just not a reality. So why not take some time and figure out who you're dealing with first. Let's face it, if you wouldn't marry a complete stranger, you have no place spamming an editor. End of discussion.