Don't be a Dead Fish / by Joanne Jordan


“All publicity is good publicity” is a phrase that we believe pretty much holds true across the industry.

Publicity leads to visibility, which generates awareness that potentially leads to interest, and combined with earned media could lead to sampling or a decision to buy.

Unfortunately for some companies, but fortunately for our entertainment, there have been a few publicity stunts that have gone terribly wrong for the brand, but also resulted in some unintentional casualties.

The South Australian Government approved the sending of 55 goldfish to media agencies to promote a tour by Advantage SA, bearing the message “Be a big fish in a small pond and come and test the water.”

Even though they provided enough food to last 6 months, most of the fish arrived dead.

It doesn’t help that South Australia has a reputation for the worst water in Australia.

Food Shelter Commentary:  PR people who send live animals to media deserve to get slapped.  Enough said.

Check out some of the bad press Advantage SA received as a result of the genocide: