Connect From Your Couch / by Morgan Obidowski

Struggling to leave the house this winter? When the weather keeps you from going outside, it's an ideal time to network from home. We encourage you to brew yourself a cup of tea, grab a blanket, and start connecting!  

Using Food Shelter's tips you'll be networking from your couch in no time:

1. Be Social

Create an online presence. Follow new people on Twitter. Take it a step further, and introduce yourself. If you reach out to someone in the media, find out what type of stories they cover and how you could act as a resource to them in the future.  

2. Make Conversations Meaningful

Ask questions, use hashtags, and find out what other PR pros are thinking. Make it your goal to learn something you didn't know before. 

3. Use Your Voice

Don't be intimidated to use your voice. Take twenty minutes and make a phone call, it will create a personal connection with your new contact.

4. Join an Online Community.

Expand your professional circles by joining an online network like Linkedin or Facebook. These sites allow you to join conversations with hundreds of people at once. Who knows, you may leave a lasting impression on someone, and it may lead to a job or new business.  

5. Reconnect With Someone You Already Know.

Maintaining relationships with the media and other professionals is just as important as getting to know new contacts. Make sure the foundation you have with older contacts is solid. All it takes is an email to say hello!

Use these tips the next time you're stuck inside this winter, and keep in mind why it's important to network in our business, even if it's from your couch.