Q&A with Philly.com's Tim Reardon / by Morgan Obidowski

Philly.com’s Tim Reardon chats with FS about experiences with PR peeps, how he keeps up with the many things to do in Philly, and what events he’s looking forward to most at Philly Beer Week 2015! 

Q: Describe a typical day

A: Scan through my mails, drink about 2 cups of coffee and eat tons of fruit. After that, I’ll plan what the day will consist of (blog posting wise). The down side, there’s never, ever a slow day in the office, the up side its great being able to inform local Philadelphians and visitors what to check out.

Q:  Interactions with PR professionals – awesome or annoying?

A: I have very positive experiences with PR professionals (so far). I met many a friend through working with them, as well as experiencing some really great events I wouldn’t of been able to check out if it wasn’t for them so they play a crucial role in filtering me information. 

Q:  Since you write about a variety of events, what’s the secret to staying in the loop?

A: Connections. You can never have enough. Building relationships with people in the media is always a plus. I’ve been here for a year and three months and in that short time cultivated many invaluable friendships. I’ve also met many great people who have proven to be important resources through constantly networking and going to events.

Q: How many events do you attend a week?

A: It ranges and it’s random. Most weeks, one or two. Some weeks there’s a ton, and other weeks can be quiet.  

Q: What’s most challenging about the job?

A: Keeping up with every mail in my inbox is number one on the list. Also, making sure everything is covered so the reader in the end can l enjoy in my posts or learn something new. Sometimes I miss an event, but I’ll usually add it right away.  

Q: What pitches capture your attention or any insight on how to stand out?

A: Anything timely item that has to do with what I write about and is pertinent, will always be considered. I really do go through all every single mail and read every pitch sent.  

Q: How many mails do you receive from us?

A: Again, random but at least 10. It really depends on what’s going on. Since a lot of my events focus on beer and food, I’ll get slammed with mails during holidays including Thanksgiving or more recently Philly Beer Week. 

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to PR professionals looking to forge a relationship or work with you, what would it be?

A: Short and to the point - all the details in the mail are a major plus. Who, what, where, when, why, and if there’s a picture attached – even better, but please send photo credit- takes one more things off my plate.  

Q:  Last question, are there any 2015 Philadelphia Beer Week events that stand out this year?

A: This is the best time of the year!  As always, Opening Tap is one not to miss.  I’m looking forward to the Deschutes pop-up beer garden in Headhouse Square - they make some amazing brews. There really isn’t one bad event to go to though, just plan out the week, play it by beer and have a great time. Cheers! 

Source: www.philly.com