As a full-service public relations, consulting and marketing firm, Food Shelter focuses on creating unique campaigns tailored to the needs of the client by providing large agency services while offering the individual attention of a boutique firm. Whether launching a new service or product, defining a brand, or assisting to reach corporate sales initiatives, we believe a targeted marketing and communications campaign is vital for future success.

As a dynamic team of professionals with more than 20 years combined experience, we are passionate about what we do, which makes our commitment to the job, as well as to our clients, unsurpassed. Our straight-forward and candid approach gets results.


Food Shelter does not believe in the cookie-cutter approach.

True, based on experience, we know there are certain standard services and baseline goals we agree a conscientious firm should provide for every client.

However, we don’t believe in feeding people lines and using the same, tired plan for every potential new client we may come across.

We research, listen to needs, observe and then build the foundation for a customized, unique campaign that will bring results through a collaborative effort between client and agency.