Apparently You Can Buy My Livelihood For $5 / by Joanne Jordan


Like almost all public relations agencies, writing press releases is a major part of our day to day (when we’re not stalking our favorite reporters/bloggers on Facebook, and Twitter of course).

Press releases are the lifeblood of our existence.  I mean, we’ve been writing them since the glory days of The Jackson 5.

Ok, we’re not that old..but you get the gist.

Even though the easy accessibility and instant nature of social media enables journalists to get stories in seconds and somewhat minimizes their reliance on press releases, they are still very much important.

They are the reason we wake up every morning (other than our kids fixed 5 am internal alarm clocks).

The reason we can afford to go on vacations and eat out at nice restaurants (and let go of our depressing ramen tendencies).

And finally…

The reason we have jobs! (aka why people hire us and pay us in things other than high fives and potato chips).

Now, this company called Fiverr decided to show up and is trying to take that all away.

So yeah…we’re pretty pissed about it.  

If you are unfamiliar with Fiverr, which we were until about 20 minutes ago, it is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services at a cost of $5 per job performed.

One of those $5 tasks being press releases…

All I’m going to say, is there is no possible way these press releases are of high quality..

Because if they are, Food Shelter PR is calling it quits and starting a pirate ship birthday party company on the Schuylkill.

It’s a niche market, we swear.



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