FSPR Personal Brand / by Morgan Obidowski

Personal and professional branding has always been a thing, right?

From the time we learn to talk we begin to build upon what makes us, us. A solid foundation is the key to settling on your own personal brand and that all comes full circle in the workplace as we strive to define ourselves, our company or both. Enter Food Shelter and how we got to where we’re going (so far).

We’ve aligned the story of our own personal brand with 7 things Forbes deems necessary to build an awesome personal brand. Here’s the list and how we’re weaving our way through it:

1. Start thinking of yourself as a brand – Co-founders Joanne and Lorraine met two decades ago when both were at a New York City-based boutique firm. Both understood the nature of their clients, how best to counsel them and achieve positive results.

2. Audit your online presence – The thought of Googling yourself is nothing short of daunting but we’ve heard it multiple times and multiple ways: it’s a must.

3. Secure a personal website – Aaand you’re on it! Food-Shelter.com launched 10 years ago to aid in our messaging and updates with us. 

4. Find ways to produce value – Content creation in line with the FSPR brand is definitely an ongoing venture. This blog post (we hope) is a pretty strong start. Keep an eye out for more.

5. Be purposeful in what you share – We realize that what we put out there whether it be via social media, our work, or our words adds up. That culmination is important to us and we only strive for quality. BUT at the end of the day, we’re all human. 

6. Associate with other strong brands – No brainer. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without our awesome clients, connections, friends and families (also brands, right?). We like to think we’re a pretty well-rounded bunch.

7. Reinvent – We’re constantly working to expand our knowledge and find what works best for our clients and our team. Are we a PR jack-of-all-trades firm? We just might be…Stay tuned.

If you like where our brand’s going (and we hope you do) give us a follow on our social media: If anything, you’ll be up-to-date with what we’re eating and drinking. Trust us – it’s good.